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About Us

Evidence for Change Solutions (E4C) Africa Ltd  is a well-established professional services firm that is involved in providing Development and management consulting services, research and value-added training to various organizations ranging from the donor community, the public and semi-public sector institutions; and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Evidence for Change Solutions (E4C) Africa Ltd  provides services in

development of monitoring and evaluation systems, strategic development policies and programs, gender analysis and mainstreaming, baseline surveys and feasibility studies, participatory project management techniques, strategic management including development of strategic plans and general organizational development and survey design research services, data management solutions and financial and business management development, operating at the leading edge of professional standards in research design and monitoring and evaluation systems development among others.

During its 10 years of operation the firm has accumulated a wealth of experience in providing services to both public and private institutions within the region and beyond. E4C specialises in the evaluation design, conduct, and analysis of agricultural and rural developmental studies, agribusiness, social-economic studies, microfinance, public health research, and social research and policy studies.

Equipment and Logistics for visiting Research Fellows

E4C has office space that can easily accommodate visiting research fellows and consultants with free WI-FI available, data processing staff have space for 20 work stations. In-house trainings, photocopying and printing facilities and binding equipment.

E4C 3 sturdy roadworthy vehicles and access to vehicles that are large enough to transport field staff (including the driver), their personal belongings, and the survey instruments. Each team will be equipped with a recorder for focus group discussions, notebooks and questionnaires.

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